Try traditional Polish dishes and fall in love with regional products from all over Poland

The philosophy of our kitchen oscillates around the four seasons – we always use fruit and vegetables characteristic for a given season to be sure that they are of natural origin and once a given season is over, we use different marinades and pickles. Our chefs form a wonderful team of people passionate about cooking. They are all experienced cooks who were trained by recognized chefs.


Escargots (6 psc) in garlic butter

Price: 29 zł

Beef tartare

with organic egg, pickles, prepared to order from Polish beef tenderloin
Price: 55 zł

"Highland cheese"

grilled smoked sheep cheese with cranberry chutney
Price: 24 zł

Plater of polish specials

(200g) best regional smoked meats and cheeses for 2 persons
Price: 59 zł

Herring in linseed oil

with onion and boiled potatoes
Price: 24 zł




our broth is traditionally made with chicken and beef meats and served with homemade noodles
Price: 25 zł

Żurek served in bread or in a bowl

with organic egg and white pork sausage
Price: 33zł/23 zł

Cold beetroot soup

Price: 25 zł

Warsaw style beef tripe (0.25 l)

Warsaw style beef tripe

Price: 35 zł

Main course



minced pork, wrapped in cabbage leaves (2 pcs.)
Price: 49 zł

Homemade bigos

Homemade bigos

from Wielkopolska region – slow cooked sauerkraut stew with meat cuttings, wild mushrooms and red wine (250 g)
Price: 49 zł

Pork schnitzel xxl

with fried cabbage and potatoes
Price: 55 zł

Grilled polish sausages

Selection of 3 traditional grilled sausages

Price: 49 zł

Roasted duck breast salad

Price: 39 zł

roasted duck

Roasted duck

with cranberry chutney, thick pancakes, apple, fried beetroot salad
Price: 1/4 - 55 zł | 1/2 - 90 zł

Silesian roll

bacon, pickled cucumber & mustard wrapped in thin beef with Silesian noodles & fried cabbage
Price: 59 zł

Beef cheeks

with silesian noodles and fried beetroot
Price: 65 zł

Pikeperch fillet

with boiled potatoes and vegetables
Price: 65 zł

Grilled goat cheese salad

Price: 39 zł

Vegan chicken salad

Price: 45 zł

Lion steak

with cheese and pepper sauce
Price: 89 zł

Roasted goose leg

served with spinach potato dumplings
Price: 85 zł


“Ruskie” dumplings

(cottage cheese & mashed potatoes)
Price: 33 zł

Duck dumplings (6 pcs.)

Dumplings with duck meat

Price: 43 zł

Dumplings with spinach and goat cheese

Green dumplings with spinach & goat cheese

Price: 35 zł

Dumplings with stewed sauerkraut and forest mushrooms (6 pcs.)

Dumplings with sauerkraut and wild mushrooms

Price: 37 zł

Mix of dumplings

(8 pieces including 2 ruskie, 2 with minced pork, 2 with sauerkraut and wild mushrooms, 2 with spinach and goat cheese)
Price: 49 zł

Dumplings with wild blueberries

Price: 39 zł

Dumplings with minced pork

Price: 35 zł

Kids menu

Breaded turkey strips

with potatoes and seasonal vegetables
Price: 31 zł


with sweet cottage cheese and cranberry (5 pcs)
Price: 29 zł


Drink menu


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